Mayweather-Hatton, Assassin’s Bore and other stuff

“The referee’s a wanker”

I believe that in Boxing, Referees should be there to enforce the rules but otherwise be invisible in the ring. I would have hoped a guy with as many fights under his belt as Joe Cortez would know that. For the first 6 rounds of the fight, he would not leave the fighters alone and I believe he changed the outcome of the match. His interference shackled Ricky Hatton for the first half of the fight, and I believe the point he took away from Hatton was unjustified. If anyone should have been penalized, it should have been Mayweather for all the illegal elbows he threw. I’m not saying for sure Hatton would have won but I think it would have been a better fight if Cortez had left them alone.

On Assassin’s Creed:

Definitely a rental. Don’t buy. It’s a good game, interesting story but full of glitches and very, very repetitive. There’s very little variation in any of the missions and by the end you’re just going for the 100 points to add to your gamerscore.

I will say that Ubisoft should be embarrassed to have not patched the duplication glitch in the next to last mission. It makes the game seem like it was rushed out the door or that the mission was just tacked on at the last minute. Took me over 2 hours for a mission that should have taken maybe 20 minutes. Not good.

On Rock Band

The game still rocks. The peripherals….not so much. The microphone I got in the bundle was defective and I had to get it replaced. EA’s replacement process is pretty silky and I got a good replacement within a week. I also had what I thought was a defective guitar. In long rhythm sections, the strum bar doesn’t register every 4th or 5th note. I sent it to be replaced and the replacement does the same thing so I guess it’s just a defect with the guitar design. I’ve seen a fix online so I guess I’ll just try that. In the meantime the Guitar Hero XPlorer I got works just fine.

Randomly speaking…

On a totally random note, I’m watching the new Batman series on Boomerang right now and it’s a lot better than I thought it was. I really like the update on the Scarface character in this particular episode, and any series that has Dan Castellaneta and John DiMaggio doing voice work can’t be that bad. Not sure about the attempts to humanize Bruce Wayne but whatever. Think I’ll need to track the series down and start from episode one.


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