SuperBowl is tomorrow and my buddy Jason’s coming over for our yearly watching party. We’re doing the normal stuff we usually do: baked mac and cheese, triscuits with cheese melted over, fried hot dogs. This year we’re adding something new…The Luther.

A Luther is named after Luther Vandross. It is a Krispy Kreme burger. Yep, cheeseburger with a doughnut bun. Why the hell are we doing this? Seriously it’s a donutburger how can we NOT do this?

As for the game itself, everyone’s expecting a shootout. I expect the Steelers will roll over the Pack but I have no rooting interest. Kinda do hope for a shootout.


2 thoughts on “Supernoms

  1. Uhm, that sounds awesome and gross at the same time. How did it turn out? I kinda want to try it. And you suck for mentioning mac and cheese – now I want some!


  2. The burgers were a lot better than I want to admit.


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