I am a slacker

Amount of running I have done since my last post: Zero.

Amount of eating I have done since my last post: Entirely too much.

I’m afraid the cold weather has kinda shelved my running for now. Just getting up in the morning takes some effort because of those nerves in my back or whatever it is. It’s been 5 years since I took that tumble from that ladder. It should have healed by now.

My friend Melissa has just started P90X which I have heard of but knew nothing about. Basically a bodybuilding program that teaches nutrition and involves circuit training. I may look into this, cause I need to strengthen my core and having something with some structure will definitely help. Also should have another look at the YRG system. I’ve talked about it before but when I was doing it, YRG really kicked my ass and I felt pretty good. Doing yoga from a book kinda sucked though, so maybe I’ll like it through DVDs better.

Bottom line, yes I am a slacker. Guess that’s why I’ve only got 2 of my characters on WoW to the new level cap and geared for Heroics/raids. Sigh.


1 thought on “I am a slacker

  1. Ok this is so weird that you are writing this today. I was running about 2-3 hours ago and I started wondering how you were doing and if you were able to run right now or not. And here is my answer!!

    P90x is great, as you have heard me blabbing all over my blog :). I got it from a guy on Craigslist for $50, which is nicer than the $120 fee on their site. And honestly, I feel it's comparable to a gym membership. Which is totally awesome.


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