Hello again

It’s been a few months since I last posted something and it’s been a bit eventful and very unexpected.

The unexpected came at the end of July, when I had a minor stroke. I was 33 then, 34 now and it still seems surreal that I had a stroke. It affected the vision part of my brain so I suffered bad light sensitivity and constant headaches. Even now a few months later I still get the sensitivity and headaches, but not as bad of course. The doctors said it didn’t affect the cognitive part of the brain, and I don’t agree. Yes I can type just fine right now but later in the day, especially when I’m tired, things get jumbled a bit. It’s hard to speak coherently and sometimes my thoughts get scrambled too. Funny thing is it doesn’t affect my game skills. I guess that’s more reaction and muscle memory than thought but I think it’s interesting.

The eventful part, aside from the stroke recovery of course, is the culling of more of my work friends and the sudden retirement of my boss. The latter hit me harder than the former, but not by much. She hired me, guided me through some rough times, tolerated my bullshit and became a very good friend and advocate. I’m sure a lot of people can say that about her, she worked here for 45 years. In the end, it’s just more experience the company is losing at the worst time possible.

The company at which I have worked for 13 years has lost its Way. Lost its soul. I’m not sure you can find a single person that can say they’re proud to represent this company anymore, they’re just glad they have steady work. That’s not how it was, and it’s not how it should be.

Anyone hiring an experienced tech/admin/writer/babysitter? If you believe my paycheck, I work cheap.


1 thought on “Hello again

  1. I don't know why I'm just now seeing this. You'd told me about your stroke so it's not new news, but I am so sorry it happened and I am glad to see you're back on track for the workouts and stuff. And I'm sorry to hear PS left … that totally sucks and I can see how that would change everything for you. She is an awesome woman.


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