I watch movies…

Bit of a lazy Saturday. I get to sit back and watch a few things.


You know how sometimes musicians put out “concept albums”? Like Garth Brooks when he did Chris Gaines or My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade album? 9 seems like a concept movie. Like the creator had a few really good ideas but didn’t quite know how to link them together.

It’s not a bad movie, in fact it’s the best post-apocalyptic film featuring sackmen I’ve ever seen. The animation is not bad at all, story is fairly paint-by-numbers but definitely not for kids. The movie apparently was based off of a 10-minute short film which is included in the Blu-Ray. The short was better than the film imo. Not to say the feature isn’t worth seeing, it’s just not going to stick with you for long after you do.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians – The Lightning Thief

I’d call it entertaining crap but I wasn’t really that entertained.

I will say Alexandra Daddario is insanely hot but they did the most annoying thing they could do with her. She’s supposed to be a warrior princess but the first chance they got they portrayed her as weak. She’s supposed to be an asskicker, trained for battle her whole life. First action outside of Camp Demigod? Run away, run away. Irks me a bit. What can I say? I’m a Whedonite for a reason. Strong female lead=hotness.

If they ever remake Xena, I’d nominate her. She even looks like a young Lucy Lawless.

Monsters vs Aliens

This movie got pounded by critics but I don’t really see why. I thought the movie was funny as hell. So what if the plot was as see-through as Saran Wrap? It’s not supposed to be Schindler’s List. It’s a kid’s film with enough adult jokes to keep the older crowd happy. I was definitely entertained. Stephen Colbert was hilarious as The President.


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