C25k: Week 6, Day 2: Things I Learned Today

Never too late to learn things, right? Here’s what I learned today:

Cramps in your knees really hurt.

I can run through them now.

The road next to Glencairn Gardens? Much steeper than you think it is.

Running up said road? Really dumb.

Not taking a break after running up said road and spawning cramps? Even dumber.

Finishing the run anyway? Priceless.

It’s time to break out the sunblock. It was pretty brutal today and it ain’t gonna get any better.

Really need to stop reminding myself to do hip-strengthening exercises and start doing them.

I hate how I can hardly breathe at the beginning of the run and have no problem at the end. I didn’t learn this today, it’s just a general observation.

Running tunes:

Straight RHCP today. Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik and Stadium Arcadium, randomly.

First 25 minute run on Saturday, undecided on whether to do it or just go straight to 30 just to see if I can. The 25-28-30 progression the next 3 weeks seems like a bit of a waste but C25k hasn’t led me wrong yet. We shall see…


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