C25k: Week 5 recap

I’m really kind of in awe of the progress I’ve made in a short period of time. Just 45 days ago I couldn’t run 1/4 mile without being totally out of breath. This past Saturday I ran over 2 miles for the first time in my life and while admittedly totally spent afterward it felt awesome. Some breakdown from that run:

The first mile I did in 10:15-ish. Don’t have an exact time since I was going by the C25k.app timer instead of a stopwatch like last week. The second mile, however…somehow, and I have no idea how, I ran the second mile in under 9 minutes. There was over a minute left on the timer when I passed my house, and that’s my criteria for 1 mile. It’s not an exact measure by any means but the corner of the intersection past where I work to my house is almost exactly 1 mile. Running back is much harder because the first .4-.5 mile is all uphill. Somehow I took a full minute off running uphill and that’s just pretty cool.

Next hurdle is running for 25 minutes. Positive attitude engaged. Dread replaced with cautious optimism.


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