C25k: Week 4, Day 1 redux

To quote myself on Facebook and Twitter: “I FUCKING DID IT!!!!!”

I not only did the 3 minute/5 minute rotation twice, but it was nearly effortless. I didn’t feel the normal drain at the end like I normally do, and that just made me feel awesome. I did feel some new pains in my legs, and an old familiar one in my left knee. That’s a back issue and it tells me I need to add the yoga program I’ve been procrastinating on to my off days. I need to get my core strengthened up.

Honestly, though? The way I feel today, the pain may just be an adjustment. I’m not nearly as sore as I thought I may be and that run yesterday was far and away the most I’ve done so far. It may have something to do with the 15-minute cooldown I had to do. It seems I got a little overzealous on my road route, left myself with about a half-mile walk home. Didn’t mind that at all though.

So hopefully I can do this 2 more times this week and then move on to Week 5. The super happy fun week that ends with me running for 20 minutes straight. And I just got 5 down…heh….


2 thoughts on “C25k: Week 4, Day 1 redux

  1. You are doing AWESOME. I am so effin proud.

    I bet your cooldown walk did help. You should make yourself do more of them. You could also try a warmup workout before the run, and stretching after the run.

    Little known fact: Stretching before a run doesn't help, in fact it may slow you down. Warm up before, stretch and cool down after!


  2. That's so awesome!! You're going to ROCK week 5. Best advice I got was go slow… a slow run is still a run!

    I do a weekly yoga class (1.5 hrs – and it's not beginner so it's a good warm-up) and I like to do at least on of my weekly runs after doing yoga. I know Melissa says stretching doesn't help, but I think of my yoga more as an extended warm-up than just stretching (it's not hot yoga, but I work up a sweat easily). I always feel like running is easier after than if I just go out cold.

    I'd be curious it's the same for you.

    Also… you might want to check into Chi Running to help with the core strenght/form that might be making your old knee injury act up. I'm doing a seminar this weekend and I'll likely blog about it if I'm not completely whipped… I'm the idiot that scheduled a 5K in the morning and a running seminar in the afternoon.


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