A little creative writing

I’ve posted a few pieces in my writing section which will seem a little odd without context. Way back in the late 90’s and early Noughties I was involved in e-Wrestling. Think role playing game involving sweaty guys in spandex. One of my characters was called Darklight Warrior. That was my online alter-ego before I was dubbed Wraith, which has obviously stuck to this day. The name came from a bit of an amalgamation from several Final Fantasy games.The heroes in the original game were called Light Warriors. One of my favorite characters from FFVI was a rogueish guy named Locke Cole. He debuted as Light Warrior, once he turned heel, the Light Warrior name didn’t really fit so I went with Darklight Warrior. And on it went from there.

I always kinda thought of it as “what if Sting went really, really off the deep end?” Turns out it was a merger of Tommy Dreamer and Sabu in white face paint. Guess I was ahead of the curve way back then. Fun fact: I did the crow gimmick a full year before Sting stole it and Mark Madden tried to steal the name. Seriously.

The previous paragraph will mean nothing to people who haven’t followed wrestling in the past 15 years. Sorry about that.

The stories:

Where Are They Now: Darklight Warrior

Darklight’s Reform 1

Darklight’s Reform 2

Darklight’s Reform 3


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