Darklight’s Reform – Chapter 2

“I am about to do something that is against every fiber of my professional being. First Mr. Cole, you surely realize that the drugs that we have been giving you are nothing but placebo with a mild sedative. Ah I can see from the look on your face that this is news to you.” SMUG BASTARD “Yes, I am fully aware that you are putting on a show for us. I have known this for quite some time. Your violent tendencies are at the core of your being, There is no drug or therapy that can “cure” you. My rational mind says that you should stay locked up in this place for the rest of your life.”

“OK….” so going to kill this motherfucker… “…so why am I out of my cage? You know I want to cave your fucking throat in right now, right?” He’s way too calm…

“Quite simply your young friend in there requires someone with your expertise. The police have investigated her parents but can never gather enough evidence to remove her from the home because of her previous history. The only reason she is in custody right now is on my recommendation. You are intelligent enough to see she did not do this to herself.”

Well well well…

“I can certify that you are free from your addictions, we at least were able to do that for you. You have not had an addictive substance in over a year. Your issues with felines is something you will have to work out. As far as we can tell it was a component of your addictions that has carried over and for whatever reason is deeply seated in your psyche. Your body has healed as much as it can, considering the condition you were in when you arrived. Your mind however…”

“OK so I’m fucked up, we know this. What’s your point?”

“My point is, we cannot do anything more for you. My point is you are a drain on the resources of this institution and everyone involved in it. My point is that you are uniquely suited to help that young woman and I have the resources to allow you to do something about that. You are still a ward of the State because of your previous actions. Everything you have done while inside this institution has been hidden from those on the outside. Very few people saw that little expose that was done about you, thank God for Public Access at 3am.”

“I have recommended to the parole board that you be given a temporary release. You will be fitted with a GPS device and some new tech that will keep you in line in case you think of escape. You will be given an apartment large enough to accommodate yourself and your entourage.”

“Wait…entourage?” Damn I knew there would be a catch.

“Indeed. You didn’t think I would allow you to go unsupervised? You will be accompanied by Ms. Granger, the DP and your favorite…what do you call her? ‘Den Mother’?”

Aw shit… 

“Thas right, sugah. You’s gonna be in goood hands wit me.”

It’s always amazed me how that fat tub of shit can sneak up on someone.
“Great. Wonderful. So I get to go be a highly unstable, heavily-watched one-man revenge squad and then what? Come back to my nice cozy asylum? And what about her? What happens to Catherine?”

“Mr. Cole…I don’t want you within ten miles of my prison again. If you carry out the task as given, I will make sure that you are a free lunatic once again. You will keep the apartment, a stipend will be provided and if you wish the girl will be your responsibility. You appear to care for her more than that alleged family of hers.”

Yeah this smells like a trap. But at least it’ll get me outta this hole. “OK Doc, you’ve got a deal. But if you’re setting me up…you know what I’m capable of….”

“Darkie…DARKIE?! WHERE ARE YOU?” Hell of a time for the kid to wake up…

“Sssh, sssh it’s OK, Cat…”

“Where’d you go?”

“Just makin’ a deal with the devil, darlin’. How’d you like to get outta here, live with old Darklight for a little while?”

“Will I be safe?”

“Darlin’ I’ll make sure you’ll never get hurt like this again…”


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