C25k: Wk 4, Day 1: Can’t call it a total fail edition

Or: I declare a moral victory.

I found out a few things today. Some good, some not so good.


I can’t run for 5 minutes. Best I managed was 3:50. Second 5 I couldn’t do 3.

I can hear my wheezing over my noise-canceling earbuds.


I almost ran for 4 minutes!

My ankle doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it has in the past. Swelling was noticeably less.

I was wearing my fanny pack for the first time since my first run. I had to tighten it mid-run so it wouldn’t fall off. By quite a bit. And that, ladies and gents, is a big-time moral victory.

I walked/ran from The Herald to Cherry Road and back via Oakland in under 35 minutes.

Saturday I retreat to Week 3 and the 3 min/90 sec intervals, just until my fitness catches up.

Running tracks:

4 Non Blondes – B,B,F,M

Pink Floyd – Division Bell

Alice In Chains – Greatest Hits

Ben Folds Five – Ben Folds Five


3 thoughts on “C25k: Wk 4, Day 1: Can’t call it a total fail edition

  1. Way to go bro. How are you feeling?


  2. I feel pretty good really. I've abandoned using insulin for several reasons and that means I can be out in the sun a lot more. I actually have a tan. If my legs get over the soreness of running I'll be much happier.

    Otherwise life is pretty good, but if you have any connections that are looking for a technical writer with little-to-no experience for some side work, that would be really cool.


  3. I had to loosen my fuel belt after I cut back on my running after the marathon. So I know how that feels, in reverse. 🙂

    You are doing great! Listening to your body and kicking ass! Tell Trysports about the ankle – I know the dr knows, but they may have a suggestion too, either about form or shoes or who knows what else …


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