C25k: Wk 3 Day 3: Running from myself

Little bit longer entry than usual, need more than 140 chars.

I picked up a compression sleeve for my ankle and shin. Actually worked pretty well but I could definitely feel the swelling after all was done, didn’t realize it was as much as it was. Ice is my friend. I’m gonna have to get a companion for the other leg but just for balance. Do need to pick up that sleeve for the shin tho. Need full coverage it appears.

Need to pick up a pack or one of those small backpacks for my phone/ipod/keys. Anyone has some suggestions, I’m all ears.

The run today felt really good. If it wasn’t for the decision to take the long steady hill at Cherry Park I would have made the whole run. I think I’m still going to repeat Week 3. There’s no way I can make 5 minutes yet but I’m getting close. I walked a lot farther that was necessary for the cooldown. Had to get back to the car somehow, right. Total of about 37 minutes for about 3 miles, last about mile was a 16 minute walk. Yes, I took my time.

I decided to eat a carb bar about an hour before the run and that made a big difference in my energy. Need to get one that’s not sweetened by Agave next time. Too sweet, goes better in tequila.

Also a possibly stupid and slightly personal question for running types. When you’re running with those running shorts and gear do you wear anything underneath? It gets kinda…swampy if you get me.

Last on the total random subject front: Music I listen to when I run.

Lately I’ve been listening to:

4 Non Blondes – Bigger, Better, Faster, More. IMO one of the absolute best albums of the 90’s. Really wish they did more than the one but I understand she’s a major music producer and songwriter so I guess that worked out for the best.

Fade to Bluegrass. Metallica meets uptempo bluegrass. I have plenty of regular Metallica but this is pretty awesome to run to.

Blues Brothers 2000 Soundtrack. Shitty movie but great music.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Californication. Give It Away and Under The Bridge FTW,


1 thought on “C25k: Wk 3 Day 3: Running from myself

  1. Sounds like you already got the fuel belt and the compression sleeves – but I recommend trysports for all of that. They can talk you through what you need based on where you're running, etc.

    I have a Nathan trail running belt – 2 water bottles, a pocket that holds my phone, keys, gels, etc. I only wear it if I'm running for longer than an hour. It weighs me down.

    I've considered trying a camelbak or a handheld – I used to run holding a bottle and I hated it. But some of the handhelds look comfy. Both of those options will have a small pocket or two for stuff.

    For shorter runs, I have a fuel belt that just has a small pocket (no water) that holds a couple of gels and a key. Won't hold my phone, and I typically like to have my phone with me in case of emergency if I'm more than 5-6 miles from home.

    There's no such thing as too personal when it comes to running questions. 🙂 I wear underwear underneath but I'm a girl so that's maybe not a question for me …

    Try Hammer brand stuff for energy. They use more good stuff and not bad stuff and it tastes good. I like their “Heed” – acts like gatorade but doesn't taste gross. TrySports has that too. See why I love them? 🙂


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