Running is a pain in my…

So a couple of weeks ago I started Couch to 5k. Seemed like a good idea at the time, really. Seems that my body doesn’t really agree with that assessment. I made it to Week 2, Day 2 but during that second week my right shin started hurting really badly. Now my right ankle has joined into the fun. When I was running on it, it felt like there was dead space between the shin and ankle. I’ve been told by my friends, some websites some other folks to shut it down for a few days, ice it down, wrap it up and rest the sucker otherwise known as RICE.

What really sucks is I’m motivated right now and this is just the thing that would typically demotivate me in a hurry. As I sit here typing this, all I can think about is getting back out there and running. That would be my inner Obsessive/Compulsive talking and I’d like him to stay in the conversation before the bipolar manic comes out and trolls my brain to death.

Guess I should go see a doctor but I’m hesitant. Not big into drugs and I’m afraid if It’s more serious than just a sprain that it will totally derail me. Guess I need to dig my YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys) book back out and get back on it.


1 thought on “Running is a pain in my…

  1. Actually, this is great news! The fact that you have the desire to run sure beats not having a desire to run. Try to channel that energy doing something else – even if it's bicep curls or punches or anything that doesn't aggravate that ankle. And I'm the person who will go to the doctor over a finger cut because I'd “rather be safe than sorry,” so I think that's never a bad idea! Chances are he'll say “rest for xx weeks” and “take two of these” and there you'll have it!


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