Run Like Hell

Aetna sucks. No really they suck. They’re a shining example of why Health Care Reform was needed, and is still needed. Over the past 3 years we have had them, their rates have gone up significantly and the coverage has been less. We are now being forced to use mail order for certain “maintenance medications” which has significantly raised the prices of said medications. We were sold that it would be cheaper than going to the pharmacy. They, of course, lied.

I was insulin-dependent a few weeks ago, but thanks to Aetna I’ve had to go with Plan B. At the suggestion of a friend, I’ve started the Couch to 5k program. It’s designed to get you in good enough shape to be able to run a 5K, or 3.2 miles. I’ve personally never been able to run over 1 mile and that was back in 8th grade but I’ve always loved running so hey, what the hell right?

I’m in the middle of the second week in the 12-week program: Walk 5 minutes, 6 intervals of run 90 seconds, walk 2 minutes, then a 5 minute cooldown at the end. I’ve actually been doing a lot better than I thought I would. I’m having to do a lot of stretching before and sometimes after the runs but I can definitely tell a difference in my energy and my mood. I’ve also changed my diet a bit to eliminate bread and pasta and add a lot more fresh veggies, fruits and lean meats. Still working on totally eliminating bread. I’ll make it eventually…

Hoping I can stick with this and not get bored and give up like normal. I have 30 pounds to go and the motivation is simple: no more hospitals, no more insulin. I have too many little ones in my life to not be there to see them graduate/get married/have kids/make mistakes/live.

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2 thoughts on “Run Like Hell

  1. I am so damn proud. That's freakin awesome.

    Stretching tip – most people don't know this, even serious runners, but it's always a good idea to warm up before a run (jumping jacks, monkey fu**kers (look it up; great exercise), etc.) but no stretching. Save the stretching for after the run. Stretching before will actually make you slower!

    What date does your program end? We should do a 5K!


  2. “A monkey fucker is where you start out standing, feet shoulder width, you bend down and grab the inner area of your ankles, and then you squat down, and back up. One. That is the monkey fucker. You'll notice the similarities immediately between this exercise/punishment and monkeys fucking.” I love you, internets. I'll have to give that a shot.

    The only stretching I do is for my hamstrings and lower back. It's completely necessary for me to do that for now until those muscles get strengthened or else I seize up after 1/4 mi. A little fallout from a ladder accident a few years ago that still hasn't completely healed.


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