Saying goodbye to another friend

Getting tired of writing about death this week, ladies and gentlemen. Earlier in the week it was my good friend and colleague Virginia Wilcox, who we just yesterday said goodbye to in a very moving ceremony. Can’t really say I said goodbye, cause I’m still fighting tears today.

Now it’s a friend from my childhood in Corey Haim.

Now I never knew Corey Haim, not in the personal sense anyway. I knew him like every kid my age did, from License to Drive and The Lost Boys and whatever other hijinks he and Corey Feldman could get into. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a friend. Friends make you laugh, make you forget about how life can suck sometimes, even for a couple hours.

In that they were both very good friends indeed.

I feel badly for Corey Feldman today because even now those two were very close, brothers even. In a statement, he said he was struggling to find a way to tell his very young child that Uncle Corey was gone. It’s not hard to tear me up right now, so imagine what that did.

Some may say that he was just another Hollywood guy who OD’ed and doesn’t deserve our sympathy. In light of the advice we received yesterday, I choose to look on the positive and say that I’ll miss the guy. I hope the Feldmans can find some comfort, and I hope it comes to me as well. I think we both could use some right about now.

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