Goodbye, V

This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to write. I’ve been trying to write this for more than a day now, and even though I knew this was coming, it’s no easier. My friend Virginia died yesterday after a fight with Cancer. It started suddenly, was allegedly in remission, then bang…it’s in her brain, game over.

I’d sad, I’m pissed, I want to punch stuff and I want a hug. Most of all, I want my fucking friend back. Here’s some people you may have never heard of:

Karen Dark

Tom Grimball

Sharon Olthof


Lovine Moss

Virginia Wilcox

They may not mean anything to you, but these were friends of mine. Friends of my family. Some were closer than that. And one was my cat. You can figure that one out.

These are all people who had a terrible disease and fought the fight. One of them, Lovine, survived. That’s 1 out of 6 of my friends who were able to survive, after billions in research and some of the smartest minds on the planet working on it. That’s some serious bullshit, my friends.

What makes this one so much worse is that Virginia has a teenaged daughter, the wonderful miss Eliza Wilcox. I’ve talked to her today and she’s devastated, as well she should be. She’s thankfully got grandparents to take care of her, and a giant extended family that we’ll make damn sure she knows is around. But it’s still not right to be that young and have both parents taken away at such an early age. If cancer had a physical form, I’d kick it in the nuts repeatedly until it was a bloody puddle.

Virginia meant a lot to a lot of people. She was a friend to some, a mentor to others. She was that crazy lady that wanted to make beautiful Hollywood actors her personal slave, and certain other men around her as well. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the person she was, the awesome, awesome person who will be missed by many. And dammit she is missed,

Rest in peace wherever you are. You’re in everybody’s hearts, and you always will be.


1 thought on “Goodbye, V

  1. This is more beautiful than you think. She always spoke so kindly of you. I know you meant a lot to her. Stay in touch with Sara Elizabeth. She will need that connection to her mother as she gets older.


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