So it’s been awhile since I wrote anything meaningful here. With the heraldonline experiment being an utter failure I figure I may as well do something with my space again. No not myspace, I don’t go there other than Dark Horse Presents. I am on Facebook and Twitter, as you can see from all the tweets that are on this site. It started as a way to track a sick friend and ended up being something I use daily. Go fig.

I’m @evilwraith on Twitter, easy enough to find on Facebook. Just like on here I screen everything so if I don’t friend you, don’t be too offended.

Just updated the site to the new MT yesterday and they’ve completely redone the backend. Lots of bells and whistles to it now. It looks for context clues in what you’re writing to search for pictures to use and ideas for what to write next. Kinda neat I guess but what I write is a bit stream of consciousness so I don’t know how much that would help me out. Seems like a distraction really.

No witty way to end so I’ll just say peace. And I’m out.


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