The Ultimate Finale

The english major I could have been is screaming at that title. The last finale? But won’t there be others? Isn’t a finale the last one anyway?

I find it funny that the Brits get subtitles even though they’re speaking clear English in the Dramatic Intro.

Joe Rogan looks like shit tonight.

Inglourious Basterds trailer. In extremely annoying widescreen cropped to fit in a 4:3 SD screen on an HD channel. Looks interesting anyway….and then a Halloween 2 trailer…in full HD. Sigh.

We get Lightweights up first as Nate Diaz faces Joe Stevenson. Diaz I have seen, Stevenson I have not.

Diaz v Stevenson

Round 1

Diaz goes to a guillotine right away but loses it. Scramble for control on the mat, looks like Stevenson has the better of it at 3 minutes. Stevenson has him in…a pretzel. Stevenson with a Guillotine and I think Diaz is out…..nope he escapes but Stevenson is on top in control. Stevenson is in control in the final minute…and that’s the round. All-action round on the mat, really good counters by both men.

Clearly 10-9 Stevenson

Round 2

Take down immediately by Stevenson, with an odd reverse-ish Guillotine. now throwing wicked knees. Diaz doesn’t seem to have an answer. Stevenson back in side control and now on top . More knees to the body. Back on their feet in a clinch looking for control with Diaz’ back to the cage. Stevenson back on top against the cage. End of the round with Diaz looking for a triangle but Stevenson having none of it.

Another good round, with Stevenson in control.

10-9 Stevenson.

Round 3

Beginning of the round with Stevenson looking for a single-leg takedown and Diaz defending against. Both against the cage fighting for control. Diaz with a takedown and finally on top, but Stevenson trying to guard. Diaz on top for the first time in the fight. Diaz trying again for a Guillotine but Stevenson defends and they reset to their feet again. oh joy Joe Rogan’s standup special after the show. Ugh. Stevenson back in control throwing knees to Diaz’ body. Fight goes to stand-up in the center of the cage for the first time with a minute left. Throwing to end the fight? Nope, Stevenson trying for a takedown at the horn.

Good fight. 30-27 Stevenson IMO. Decision coming.

29-28 Stevenson by the judges, don’t see how they could have scored a round for Diaz but the right guy won.

Up next we get the TUF Lightweight final. Ross Pearson v Andre Winner. Should be a fun fight, and I’m guessing it doesn’t go the distance.

Pearson v Winner

Round 1…..right after the bio packages…they don’t think it will go the distance either. Pearson has an awesome arm and shoulder tattoo…hate to see that in 30 years.

Both guys with the show of respect and they circle each other in the center both guys trading punches and kicks in the first minute, They move to the cage and both guys trading position. Kneefest by both guys in the clinch. Both guys with knees to the jock but Pearson apparently the worst of it. Back to it and trading punches and elbows. Pearson with cage control in the final minute, and now Winner. Extremely close round.

Edge to Winner? Maybe? Teddy Atlas would score it 10-10. I’d agree, really.

Round 2

Start again with standup in the middle of the ring. Pearson coming out with agression, leg kicks and punches. Back to the clinch on the cage, trading knees to the body. Pearson looking for a single-leg but denied. Slightly boring in the middle of the round here, more fighting for position on the cage. Ah finally back to the center of the cage. Pearson a bit more aggressive, another single-leg attempt, another denial. Back to the cage. Boring round.

Slight edge to Pearson, maybe.

Round 3. Herb Dean’s dreds are awesome.

Cut and paste from the previous rounds. Announcers seem to think Winner’s ahead. Pearson seems to be throwing a bit more against the cage. Back to the middle, Winner catches Pearson with a nice hook and….back to the damn cage. Pearson is hurting Winner with some punches so we get a clinch. Pearson has a nice cut on the middle of his forehead. Pearson with another takedown attempt, finally has it but Winner up immediately. Some rock’em-sock’em in the center ring at :30 to go, back to the cage.Big knee to Winner at the very end sends him to his knees at the horn.

Decent fight, Pearson wins the last round. Extremely close fight, I would call it a draw but I don’t know if that’s a possibility. I’d say 29-28 Winner.

Judges say 29-28 Pearson and I can’t really disagree with either result. It was really that close. Blood trickling down his forehead during the interview. Classy.

We get the TUF Welterweights next, the only US vs UK fight even though the whole season was the whole US v UK thing.

Transformers Sneak Peek….in that same lameass 4:3 cropped Widescreen. I hate you, Spike.

Eh looks like Chris Lytle vs Kevin Burns instead. Both guys predicting KOs.

And now a pause to check my sugar….165 for those scoring at home. Just changed this to an extended entry cause it’s going a tad long. So anyway….

Chris Lytle vs Kevin Burns

Round 1

Clever nickname there. Kevin “The Fire” Burns. Not so much for “Lights Out” Lytle. We start with some nice standup. Both guys trading some wicked punches through 2:30. And we have a straight kick to Lytle’s nads. Takes 20 seconds and keeps going. Burns lands a hard shot and both guys go to the ground but Lytle recovers. Burns with some wicked strikes at the end of the round. Lytle looks ln bad shape.

10-9 Burns on the striking and control at the end of the round.

Round 2

Lytle rocks Burns at the beginning of the round. Both guys are throwing but Lytle seems to be getting the better of it. Burns with a takedown but Lytle pulls a Guillotine, but both guys back to their feet. Lytle with some good body work in this round, tiring Burns. And Burns rocks Lytle with a good punch. We have another stiff kick to the nuts by Burns, same result. 20 second break and Lytle is back to it. Another low kick and Burns is getting a deduction…or not.

10-9 Lytle

Round 3

Nasty, nasty gash on Burns’ head at the start. Attempt at a Superman punch by Burns but a miss. Both guys with some wicked back and forth standup. Lytle is landing some heavy, heavy punches without much resistance. Blood is absolutely pouring from Burns. Both guys go out swinging. The BK logo is speckled with blood. Good fight, best so far tonight.

29-28 Lytle. He dominated things after the first round, was more aggressive and clearly caused more damage.

Judges say…29-28 Chris Lytle. Both guys’ faces are busted up.

Interview with Brock…and Brock’s soul patch? He’s apparently Spike’s Most Dangerous Man.

The commercials remind me I need to grab the new Green Day.

TUF Lightweight Finale up next after the bios. Damarques Johnson vs James Wilks coming up. Johnson should win but I think he’s a dick so go Wilks. Ironically I like Bisping. He’s a royal dick but entertaining.

Wilks vs Johnson

Round 1

Wilks comes out swinging. Rocking Johnson with punches and knees, and now to the ground. Wilks on top, had a heel hook but lost it. Johnson on top, landed a nasty elbow that looks like it busted open Wilks. Wilks had a leg lock but couldn’t maintain. Wilks has a triangle applied. Wilks with an omaplata. The action is going too fast to keep up here. Wilks is putting on a submission clinic here, working a rear naked choke now. Johnson’s nose is bleeding. Johnson taps at 4:54 of the 1st. Great fight.

Great show of respect at the end, both guys didn’t like each other at all during the season.

And now for Diego “Where’s Dora” Sanchez vs Clay “Awesome Hair” Guida. OK I made that up. Except for Guida’s hair. It’s awesome.

Fight Night Round 4 looks pretty awesome. Just sayin.

The Joe Rogan “comedy special” is on after TUF. That was 2 hours ago so if you’re reading this live, I saved you an hour of pain. You’re welcome.

Sanchez is coming out to “We Will Rock You”. He needs to lose. Badly.


Sanchez vs Guida

gawd Bruce Buffer sucks.

Round 1

Sanchez comes out house afire. First minute of the fight is all Sanchez nailing Guida. Guida’s nose is busted up bigtime. They’re on the may, Guida on top but a bit of a draw. Both guys are bloody. Back to the standup. Guida gets nailed hard with a kick and he’s down. Sanchez going nuts with the strikes. On the cage at about 1:30 to go, Guida going for a breather. Sanchez on top. Back to the standup and there’s the horn. What a round!

10-9 Sanchez

Round 2

Guida’s nose looks broken. Blood still streaming from it. Starting with the standup, Guida shoots and is on top, but Sanchez is raining elbows. Sanchez looking for a Kimura on the bottom, and that’s been broken. Guida trying for ground and pound but Sanchez is nailing him from the bottom. Sanchez is covered in Guida’s blood. End of the round. Another good one.

10-9 Sanchez. Guida was on top most of it but he was getting destroyed by elbows and counters by Sanchez.

Round 3

Guida looks like hell. Sanchez tries for a takedown but slips. Both guys in the standup through 3:30. Guida tries for a single-leg but Sanchez avoids. Both guys content to trade through 2:00. Guida tries for a spinning elbow but misses. Sanchez tries for a RNC but Guida now on top. Sanchez with a triangle attempt but I think the blood helped Guida slips out, Sanchez trying to end things with an armbar but the horn sounds.

Best fight of the night, no doubt.

30-27 for Sanchez. The announcers have thoughts of a draw but I don’t see it.

Judges say Split Decision for Sanchez? WTF? Right guy won but bad judging there.

And I guess that’s all. First time I’ve done this. The wrestling recappers make it look easy, but really not so easy. Guess I’ll try it again sometime with a live show. Thank you and good night.


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