Heavyweights LIVE! (on tape)

Watching Wladimir Klitschko vs Ruslan Chagaev live on my DVR right now. Glad I remembered that the Heavyweight Championship of the World was being televised on that bastion of live boxing….ESPN Classic. They couldn’t even drag Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas to the studio to call the fight, nosir we get Robert(Eddie Munster) Flores and B.J.(decent Cruiser/Heavy) Flores. Actually don’t mind B.J. Flores on color. He’s got a good future in broadcasting when he retires.

This is so far another technical clinic by Wladimir. He knocked Chagaev down in the 2nd round, but he wasn’t too hurt. That’s not really Klitschko’s style anyway. Over the last 7 rounds, he’s pounded Chagaev and pounded some more. It’s been pointed out between the 8th and 9th rounds that Chagaev has a really bad cut over his left eye. The only way he could win at this point is a knockout, and since I know the result already I know that’s not the case.

Looking at the end of Round 9, that is a really bad cut. Not made better by Klitschko beating him to death at the end of the round, and the ring doctor has called the match. I agree with the announcers. This is the best performance Wlad has put on in quite some time.

Now I switch to The Ultimate Finale. I think I may try to do some round-by-round on here, even though it won’t really be live.

I can’t believe HBO couldn’t have shown this live anyway and did what ESPN did by doing the commentary live in a studio. Kinda lame.


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