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Listening to: Cowboy Junkies:Trinity Revisited

Forgot how good Cowboy Junkies were. Gooooood music.

Added a live Twitter feed to the sidebar. It was way easier to use Twitter’s own little chunk of javascript than the plugin for MT. It kinda works the way I wanted tho I really wanted it to update the live blog. Oh well. Don’t matter.

Speaking of web-type annoyances, MovableType is a real pain in the ass to get working properly. There are some hacks out there that should be incorporated into their code to fix some things that seem to come up every time. I’m still considering ditching it and moving to something like Drupal.

Picked up the new Dave Matthews Band album this past week. It’s got a really good sound, like a throwback to the older albums before the mainstream crap started taking over. Well worth the purchase.

Picked up Legacy of Y’s Book I and II for the DS over the weekend. Atlus did their usual wonderful job with the port but I must say the game hasn’t really aged well. There are a lot of spots in Y’s Book I where it doesn’t give you a single clue about what you need to do. I actually had to consult a walkthrough to finish the game, and I hate doing that on the first playthrough of an RPG. Not sure if Book II is any better, but it’s certainly more difficult so far. I don’t regret the purchase because I’ve always wanted to play through an actual version of the game and not the shit NES ports that were out here. I think I do want to track down the PS2 sequel and give it a try. Come to think of it, I think we got Wanderers of Y’s (Book III) on the SNES and that was just a really bad port. Guess I’ll do some fact checking on that.

Another game I’ve played recently is Burnout Paradise. Pretty fun, but extremely repetitive. I can see the appeal of the online pvp aspect of the game, and I may check it out soon. I just spent a bunch of time unlocking cars and stuff. From what I gather that’s half the game right there.

My RPG backlog is getting ridiculous now. I’ve got FFIV, Dragon Quest IV and V in shrinkwrap waiting for me, Persona 3, FES and Nocturne that I’ve never touched, Blue Dragon around here somewhere. Dunno why I keep buying them. Maybe I think I’ll have some time to play them someday. Whatever. Still haven’t finished FFX, X-2 or XII and XIII is just around the corner. Sigh.


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