Why I hate Movable Type and other stuff

Well, I finally got around to fixing the backend of this MT install and ended up totally fucking up the templates and everything. They really don’t make it easy to recover when you’re moving to a hosted solution like this. Pain in my ass, but at least it’s done.

I just got done watching the complete series of YuYu Hakusho, original Japanese version. I can’t believe how badly it was mangled for Cartoon Network, and how much dialogue was chopped from the English version. I always thought it was better than DBZ and another viewing confirms that, and at 112 episodes it’s certainly lighter than the nearly 500 episodes total of Dragonball/Z/GT. 600 if you count the newly recut Dragonball series they’re currently airing in Japan. Just keep hoping a remaster of the original Dragonball series comes out to DVD. That would be worth owning IMO. That show was just distilled fun, unlike Z and GT.

Now that they’re started releasing the Vehicle Voltron sets I’ll have something new to collect. Price seems decent enough.

Well back to rebuilding. Sigh.


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