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Some random thoughts on things and stuff.

Rock Band came out this week

and I’ve had a chance to play it solo and with 2 other people. Very fun

game, nice extension of Guitar Hero with some quirks.

  • The drum controller is nice, but it’s a pain to play with the

    kick pedal. The demo they had in the stores allowed you to play without

    it, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I wish the option was in the

    main game.

  • The Fender Strat is a nice-looking controller. The strum bar has

    issues though. Occasionally it will not register and this is very

    frustrating when you’re doing sections with repeating notes where you

    really have to jam on the strum bar. I picked up a Guitar Hero

    controller so I wouldn’t have to deal with this. There’s a fix posted

    online here that I will try. Hopefully it will work for me.

  • It’s really lame that your main character in Group Tour mode is

    static. If you try to use a different character/instrument in that mode

    that isn’t the Band Leader, you can’t play. That’s pretty lame. Hope

    they fix that.

  • I have no issues with the Logitech mic that comes with the set. Nice and sensitive.
  • I have issues with the USB hub, much like a bunch of people do. I

    normally have to unplug/replug the hub to get any of the instruments to

    register on boot. Additionally, the microphone will not work when

    plugged into the hub. Not sure what the deal is there.

Overall, Rock Band is vgg so far. I’m sure Harmonix will address some

of the issues in patches. I haven’t tried any of the DLC yet but I’ve

heard the Metallica set is incredibly hard. Will have to give that a

look 😉

Virtua Fighter 5 Online is another game I’ve picked up in the past few weeks. This game is one I built my arcade stick

specifically for. Unfortunately, some of my solder points came loose

again and I have yet to fix it. Fortunately, the game controls nicely

with the standard X360 pads but I still want to give it a shot with my

big stick. I haven’t tried any of the online matches yet but the

reviews say the Live matches have little to no lag, which is essential

in a game like VF5. I’ll withhold opinion until I play more, but if you

played VF4, you know what you’re getting. If you liked it, you’ll like

VF5. If you don’t like the series, this probably won’t change your mind.

Call of Duty 4 is incredibly

fun in Normal mode. Incredibly annoying in the harder difficulties.

Haven’t played Arcade Mode yet but I will soon.

Oh yeah, guess I should say something about Halo 3.

Very fun multiplayer, kinda eh solo game. Not the best game ever, but

it is the first 360 game I’ve spent much time online with and I guess

that says something about how entertaining it is.

On a totally random note, I want to see The Golden Compass. Just saw

the new trailer in glorious HD during the Tennessee-Kentucky game.

There’s something incredibly hot about Nicole Kidman playing an evil


Just a few hours before Clemson-Carolina 2007. Hope the Tigers can

Finish The Job and not Continue The Suck. I’m not optimistic. Go Tigers.

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