Lazy, lazy me….

I took the time to upgrade the MT software, apply new templates but not say anything. Lazy me.

It’s been a lazy time for me. Got the WoW: Burning Crusade expansion, played it for a week, got bored. Got a XBOX 360 for xmas, been playing around with it. Can’t get into Gears of War for whatever reason. Call of Duty 3 and NCAA Football 2007 have been getting most of my attention.

Picked up Scissor Sisters – Ta Dah! last week. Not a bad album, got some real catchy beats. Think it blows their debut out of the water.

Bought myself a proper media center pc about a month ago. I like the MS Media Center 2005 interface but I’m waiting for the Vista upgrade. It’s a lot better, interface-wise. Gonna try Myth soon just for something different. Who knows, I may end up liking it better.

Going back to the 360, Namco needed to release the fast version of Ms. Pac-Man with the arcade version they released. How many people have been able to play the original anytime in the past 10-15 years that isn’t playing it through MAME? Or that shitty 20th anniversary edition? Yeah, didn’t think so. To a lot of people the speedup version IS the classic Ms. Pac. Just one guy’s opinion. I could be wrong.

But I’m not.

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