Random stuff

Been awhile.

Saw X3 a couple weeks ago. Not as good as the first 2, still pretty good.

Saw Domino over the weekend. Don’t know why the critics dumped on it, it was a fun movie. Lit my subwoofer and rear speaker up, good stuff. Also naked Keira Knightley. gg.

Also saw The Aristocrats and Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic over the weekend. Best Buy had a $5 off thing if you bought both. gg.

The Aristocrats was by far the sickest, filthiest most vile joke I’ve ever heard. Also funny as hell in parts. It was a good documentary in the way that they broke down the joke, showed that there was a history behind it, variations of it and by the end I was satisfied with the purchase.

Sarah Silverman is my most favorite comic at the moment. She’s hot, she’s talented and most of all she’s funny. Plus she’s hot. Did I mention that? There were nice touches with the transition between the stage show and the music videos and the backstage segments. I had no idea she had musical talent, but she’s got a nice voice. Very funny stuff.

Been trying to ween myself off of World of Warcraft for the past couple months now. It’s tough. I like the people but the game is just boring me to tears, folks. Oh well.


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