Just Another Victim?

One of the first rules of writing, at least from what I’ve heard, is write what you know. There are quite a few things I know, as many of you are aware. Some of you may not know that I have watched Pro Wrestling since I was 3 years old. It’s true, it’s true.

I watched Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA and Nikita Koloff. I was there at the Winthrop Coliseum when the Rock and Roll Express beat the Midnight Express for the NWA tag-team titles, I was there in the new Charlotte Coliseum when Steve Austin beat Kane for the then-WWF Title. And I was there in the Winthrop Coliseum to watch along with a few hundred of my closest friends just for fun.

One of the most fun guys to watch over the last 10 years had to have been Eddy Guerrero. Eddy was the kind of guy you just instantly liked. Whether he was playing the good guy or the heel, you couldn’t help but get into it. He was the total package. He could wrestle anybody and put on the best performance of the night.

He had a good backstory too. Son of a wrestler, all of the males in his family wrestled. He had outstanding character. Good father, good husband by all accounts. And he was very honest about his problems. About 4 years ago he went into rehab to deal with some very real problems with painkillers and alcohol. He literally turned his life around and got even better as a wrestler and as a person.

Seems like the good guys never last long. Eddy Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room in Minneapolis on Sunday morning, apparently of a sudden massive heart attack.

There will be speculation as to why he passed. According to family and friends, he had been clean and sober for just over 4 years. He had just had a late-night snack with his nephew just hours earlier after sharing a plane ride. He was in good spirits, ready for the tapings to come that night and the tour of Europe coming this week.

He leaves behind a wife, three young children, and many, many people who will miss the performer and the person. I happen to be in the latter.

vaya con dios, amigo.


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