The Working Man’s Blues

Currently playing: Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time

Not to sound like a total ass but why must people be so stupid? Supposedly intelligent people, people with pieces of paper that say they know shit.

People that spent the time to get an education to supposedly be prepared to do a job and then fail miserably at it?

People with journalism degrees that cannot spell. People who do a job daily but cannot grasp the simple concepts entailed in that job should not be doing that job. Why in the world people in this situation continue to find employment amazes me. Much like the people that are promoted to management positions that do not have the skills to manage an ant farm, this seems to be a continuing problem in my workplace.

Maybe it just bothers me. Maybe it’s just my failing that blatant stupidity, blatant ignorance bothers me to the point of anger. Guess that’s why I’m not management. My axe would be too sharp for the job.

Fuck it. I’ve wasted too much energy on this already.


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