Long time, no blog

Guess I’m a bad blogger. Almost 8 months since my last update. So…where to begin…

Been a house owner since December 18, 2004. Fun city.

Got hair almost shoulder-length now. Makes me happy.

Bought a PSP, been playing nothing but NES games on it. Great use for $300 tech, playing 20-year-old games on it.

Gave up on World of Warcraft as of sometime this week. Yes I know, not exactly grammatically correct there but true nonetheless. Really fun game but not enough new content to hold my interest. Guess I need to work on the whole ADD thing…

It also appears that I caused a rift in the guild with 3/4 of the people that formed it wanting out now. Never really wanted to be a trendsetter or anything. Guess it was just time. Don’t know if any of our guildies read this but if you do, sorry guys.

At least I’ll have time to do other things I’ve wanted to do. I have several RPGs lined up to play. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Atelier Iris among them. I bought a guitar and some books and I’m hoping to have something going there soon. I might even try dating again…

Anyway, I keep saying this but I hope to not be away again for so long next time. I like typing this, even if nobody is reading. I might put my thoughts on Harry VI, Charlie and the new AppleSeed next time.

Until then…


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