Thanksgiving MADNESS

While people are out there killing each other over toys and gifts and the “BEST DEALS OF THE YEAR, WE PROMISE!!!!!!”, I get to sit here in my cozy office and…well….not do very much honestly. There are very few people around, as per normal on a Friday-after-a-holiday. Not much for a tech guy to do but sit around, cruise the good old interweb and chat it up with some folks.

Got some good things to chat about now tho. I’m in the process of buying a house. This is some scary shit, lemme tell ya. Not just all the things involved, that’s scary enough, but just the fact that you’re buying something that you have to pay on for the next 25-30 years, have to keep it fixed, have to care for. Something substantial and of value. It’s pretty daunting. Kind of a big task if you think too much about it.

Then there’s securing financing to buy it, securing financing to buy things FOR it, paying other people to LOOK at it to make sure you don’t have to secure financing to FIX it. Fixing up little things inside that was perfect for the previous owner but NOT QUITE what you want, moving in…..and then securing financing to add shit on.

It’s enough to bring a man to tears. I can handle it. I’m strong….:sniff:….

If I can swing it, I’ll buy a digital camera and take some pics. It’s a very nice old place, got plenty of character. I can’t wait….


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