Game on….

Got NFL2K5 last week. The usual excellence from the series, plus you can save directly to the HDD. Little bit of awesome. I haven’t played it enough for a full review. Guess I need to get crackin’.

Still grinding away on World of Warcraft Beta. I have my Paladin up to level 45 tho I will admit I’m getting very bored with it. Paladins in WoW just have no variety. I don’t think Blizzard has it down quite yet. Hopefully soon….

Thankfully, I have 5 other chars I can play and I’m thinking about starting a Mage. It’s one of the classes I haven’t bothered playing(the other is Warrior). Or I could just get my Priest levelled. The guild needs another priest…..

Ah yes, the guild. I joined up with an excellent group of folks called the Scarlet Guardians. It’s good to find some good citizens to group with. Makes things more fun. We’re building a good community and I hope it carries over to the final product.

One last thing. House hunting sucks. More details to follow….


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