What the hell am I doing here?

Greetings, True Believers…

Ah, I think Stan The Man has no problem with the newest installment in the Spider-Man movie franchise. It was laid out and executed like a 60’s-style Lee/Ditko book with a touch of Ultimate Spidey thrown in for good measure.

For a few days my fanboy sense was going off, but after I was able to analyze the movie awhile I realized whatever problems I had with the storytelling were minor at best and just let it go. Spider-Man 2 is worthy of the title “King of the Comic Book Movies”, slightly edging out X2 imho.

The List so far…

1. Spider-Man 2

2. X2

3. X-Men

4. Spider-Man

5. The Trial of the Incredible Hulk(just kidding!)

The corrupting of another young soul….or How I Got Ivy To Ride Top Gun

I took my youngest sister’s eldest daughter to Carowinds yesterday for some fun. I’ve been trying to get her to ride the “big kid” coasters for a few years now and I succeeded yesterday. With only a little coaxing, she rode Cyclone(4), Vortex(3) and Top Gun(4), and if the line wasn’t so long we would have shared our first experience of The Borg Experience.

I thought she would tire of the coasters or maybe get sick of riding them, but it turned out I was the one to poop out. I had gotten nailed on one of the rides earlier and was feeling none too well on the third and final pass through Top Gun.

In the end, it was a tremendously fun day and I am very glad to discover that Ivy is an adrenaline junkie like her granny and uncle. Now to work on her mom….

Bad times, Good times

Something I have been wanting to post was my recent experience with Relay For Life.

Relay For Life is a fundraising event held by the American Cancer Society every year and run by local groups and members of the community. It is dependent on individuals and companies participating by bringing awareness to the community and also raising funds for cancer research.

I was the team captain for my company this year. I was warned through the course of months before the event that I would not have an easy time getting people in the company to cooperate and boy they weren’t kidding.

Between having to run most of our events by myself, not getting help that was promised to me and people who will gladly give opinions but not be there when the time comes to do the dirty work, it was not the fun time it should have been.

In one case, I had to clean up 3 parking lots by myself after a rather large and messy event here at the office. In the beginning, I had the help of 2 of the older ladies here. It was a very hot day and they decided to call it a day early. “Come back tomorrow”. Sorry, no.

With the help of Ivy and to a lesser extent her sister and mother, we got the whole place clean in 4 hours. It paid $250 to the team but a world of exhaustion to me and my family.

It’s doubly scary now. My mother was also there helping us. This was 2 days before she went into the hospital for what we thought was a simple operation that turned out to be triple-bypass surgery. It scares me that something I volunteered for, and I thought other people volunteered for, could have ended my mother’s life. Scary. Angering. Yep.

She’s alive, we’re all good now. No harm, no foul. I’ll never captain a team like this again. Nosir. Nuh-uh.

Think I’ll call it a wrap for now.

Until next time, gg y’all.


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