Kill Bill(Vol. 1) and other stuff.

Saw Kill Bill last Friday. Gotta say, Quentin Tarantino’s still got it. It’s stylish, witty and just downright bloody. I can’t wait to see Vol. 2.

Gonna be busy on Dec. 16, what with the LOTR Marathon and all. Extended editions of the first two movies then Return Of The King as a nightcap. I’ll have a sore ass but it’ll be SO worth it.

Panthers are 5-1. Whodathunkit? Yeah they got bitchslapped by the Titans today but I think they learned from it and will adjust. If they don’t I don’t think John Fox is gonna last long. Carolina fans are notoriously picky. Meh. I still say we end up 12-4 and a couple of rounds into the Playoffs.

One of my favorite shows is back for its 5th season: Angel. First few episodes have been pretty interesting. Having Joss focus on Angel is definitely a good thing. Can’t wait to see where they go with the Wolfram and Hart and Spike storylines.

New shows I’m digging:

Teen Titans

InuYasha(yeah, not exactly new but I’ve never mentioned it)

Tru Calling(not out yet but I gotta support Eliza)

X-Men Evolution(not new either but I’m recently discovering it. good stuff despite all the retconning-(changing history to fit current storylines)

Until next time. Go Panthers.


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