Another year, another great TV show being put out to pasture. This time it’s Futurama(although technically, the rest of the run has been done for over 20 months). Another of FOX’s numerous mistakes, like the cancellation of Family Guy and Firefly. Add them all to the graveyard of great TV shows cancelled too early. Birds of Prey, SportsNight, Dark Angel, Farscape, all good-to-great shows that got shown the door way too early. Bastards.

In OMFG news, The Carolina Panthers Don’t Suck. I know. I’m totally shocked. Little ol’ Charlotte may have themselves a playoff team. I know, I know, the season hasn’t even really started yet. Maybe I shouldn’t be so optimistic. Eh, fork it. GO PANTHERS.

That’s all I have this time around. Maybe not 2 months between updates next time?


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