Holy Shit, it’s an update.

That’s right. After 2 whole weeks, an update. I better be careful, this might turn into a habit.

First off, happy B-day to Remy. He’s 23 today, qualifying him for olllllld status, but he’s still got a few years before he’s in the X-Box category of old. Go visit his blog at http://remy.csoft.net. Go on.

Chances are you got here from there anyway 😉

What to rant about? Not much really. For the first time in a long time there are 2 teams in the Stanley Cup that I like and 2 teams in the NBA Finals I could care less about. I have to admit, as much as I enjoyed seeing the Lakers exit early this year, the Finals just aren’t as fun without them to cheer against. Oh well, there’s always next year.

On the sports tangent still, tomorrow night “Irish” Micky Ward and Arturo “Thunder” Gatti face off for the third time in what’s sure to be a killer fight. The first two were just plain awesome with both guys ripping each other apart. The third time’s the charm as they say. If that’s the case here, hooboy =-) That’s tomorrow night at 9:30 on HBO for those interested. All maybe 3 of you that stumble in here by mistake.

Last thing. This has kinda bugged me and I shouldn’t even acknowledge it but here goes. In response to a response to a previous entry. Yes, I am fully aware that nobody gives a shit about what most people write in their blogs. Blogs are by their very nature ego-centric at best. I have always preferred to think of them as a shared online diary. In my case I try to keep it topical if I can, though that doesn’t happen very much.

In closings. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one, except that kid that was born without an asshole. Gotta wonder. Does that mean he has no opinions? Or does shit come out of his mouth in reality instead of figuratively like everybody else? Something to think about. Or maybe not.

Until next time. Rant on.


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