Another pointless headline

What am I supposed to rant on if there’s no new Buffy or Smallville? Guess I could wait for Angel.



I picked up Evanescence – “Fallen” yesterday. Incredible vocals, very nice rockin soundtrack. My only gripe would be the bordering-on-Christian Rock tracks in the middle, and that’s just lyrically. What kills that argument is the lyrics really fit the track. (Rewind edit) For reference, Track 6: My Tourniquet. Oh well. If god rock was ever to invade my collection, this would be it….and maybe Michael W. Smith’s “Friends”, just cause it was our senior class song.

Rasslin, or skip to the next topic(should there be one)….

It’s a real tragedy, folks. Kurt Angle possibly has the same neck injury that currently has Edge out for the next year and had Chris Benoit and Rhyno out for 12 and 16 months respectively. Kurt Angle was the one real shining star of the promotion and I was really looking forward to Angle/Lesnar at Wrestlemania this year. Maybe he can tough it out. In any case, best wishes to Kurt and his family.

The Weather of all things….

Looking out my window, I see little birds pecking around and it’s warm. Spring has finally sprung. Thank goodness. My avocado plant will be much happier outside. I’ll take a picture of Sydney sometime to show off. It’s really impressive what can happen just by sticking a seed in some dirt.

Gotta go now. Work’s calling. Back sometime for another update. Until then, rant on.


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