Random Ranting

Somehow daily updates become weekly updates. Funny how that works. Where do I begin….?


BTVS was another solid outing this week, but weird. This was an Andrew-centric episode which was also a catch-up-for-those-of-you-just-joining-us episode but also tied up an old plotline while furthering several more. Whew.

That run-on sentence brought to you by Bad Grammar Magazine.

Schizophrenic goodness from the Buffy team but please, no more filler eps till Faith comes back. We all know you guys can come up with 3 good character-driven stories before then.


I finally got my Angel Season 1 DVD Collection today, no thanks to the jerks at the post office. I’ll be watching it tonight in lieu of the new Lone Ranger movie cause frankly, it looks awful.

The good news is Angel is back next week with my dear sweet innocent Eliza Dushku as Faith. Kickass. Faith/Cordy bitchfight. It’s on, baybee!


So I’m watching Alias and enjoying the hell out of it as usual on Sunday night when I see not one, not two but THREE new “Reality Series” pimped on ABC. Besides the awfulness of “Are You Hot?”, they are now looking for an All-American Girl, showing us what it’s like on the front lines and you know what? I don’t give a damn if you’re a celebrity, get off my screen.

I choose to use, abuse and defend my right to change the channel. So-called “Reality TV”, with the exception of “Tough Enough”, offends me and needs to go away.

It blows my mind that of the Game Shows that exploded onto the scene just 2 years ago, only Fear Factor remains on Prime-Time TV. “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” was kwality tv, folks. We just don’t know what we’re missing.


The Rock is back, Hogan’s back, Austin’s back. Yawn. The only guy I’ve missed from that group is The Rock and he’s going Hollywood again soon. His promos were hilarious on Monday and he did more to put over the younger guys on Monday in 15 minutes than any of the rest of them have in months. And the McMahons wonder why they’re losing money….

That’s all for now. Hope to not make the week hiatus a tradition or anything.


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