General Rantings

First thing’s first, I guess.

Re: Joe Halfamillionaire

The look on Sara’s face when she found out he was pennyless was worth wading through all the crap. The payoff was nice but predictable. For the record, I only watched the last hour.

The comforting thing to me is, the shock factor is gone. FOX can likely never do that one again. Yay.

Re: Emulation

This one’s a two-parter and it might go a bit long.

Microsoft buys Virtual PC. Maybe the Mac Business Unit can pull out a miracle and make it not suck. My money’s on not. Hey, Office X turned out OK, right?

MacMAME delayed again This is not gonna make me a popular guy, but who wants to be popular?

Brad Oliver needs to hand the project over to someone with the skill and time to do it. Move it over to Project Builder, use XMame as a base, whatever. 9 Months without an update is ridiculous and everybody that’s bowing and scraping to Brad should be ashamed.

He got upset because people are asking for status updates? Tough. You promise something and don’t deliver, people are gonna get bitchy. Shit or get off the pot and while you’re at it, update that tired interface to something that’s usable. People have been begging for an skinnable MacMame. I think it’s time to listen.


Buffy was really weird this week. It was a good ep in a string of excellent ones(Angel’s still been better this year) but a few things bothered me.

When did Willow’s new girl become the Head Slayerette? She’s been there as long as the rest. Guess they’re just trying to get her over as a strong replacement for Tara or something.

Speaking of the Slayerettes, there’s like 20 of them. Where were they in the scenes in the house with the main cast? Sucked into the Intergalactic Plothole? Out patrolling? Whatevah.

Guess that’s it for today. Rant hat off for now.


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