Joe Whogivesadamn?

OK, so the Joe Millionaire finale is tonight and I just gotta ask the question on everybody’s mind. “Who gives a damn?”. I mean, come on FOX. Give this so-called reality TV a rest already.

Evan will choose one girl, reveal the lie and then we find out he’s really worth $49 Million or gay or the butler’s bitch or he’s already married to Zora who is secretly having an affair with Sara who’s fucking the butler behind Evan’s back who is still secretly gay. In the end, it’s still a really dumb concept.

And if you’re asking, yes I’ll probably watch. Why, you may ask?

Well, I AM evil. I wanna see the look on the chick’s face when she finds out she’s been conned, hopefully Sara. Delightfully Evil.

Rant off, for now.


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